Canaan Ventures


Digital consulting

Digital consulting is focused on helping companies overcome issues of online presence, branding, and unique identity and bringing digital intelligence to business.

We at VeCan help companies leverage their data, integrate data solutions, get access to valuable insights and improve overall decision making.

Technology consulting

Technology consulting services are essentially like an external IT department. The key steps are solutions and implementation, planning has to be overarching them. Technology recommendation, adaptability, relevancy, and cost are the core essentials of any good consulting pitch. The SDLC is a comprehensive framework that enables this to happen,

AtVeCan we are committed to accelerating your business growth, managing risk and mitigation, keeping the cost affordable, changing how the system is functioning if needed, or modifying as per your mission to help you adapt to the globally changing environment.

Non profit consulting

Nonprofit consulting is a niche in itself, the context and the objective differ. Technology intervention in this vertical brings about a lot of community and social transformation. We are committed to working with visionaries and organizations of all shapes and sizes, we intend to improve the organization’s overall performance and efficiency. 

Technology adaptation and development is a slow but needed process in line with business, thou funds and resources may become a bottleneck we at VeCan want to stand in that gap, see speak your language, and are committed to understanding your mission, we promise to enable scalability and sustainability and ensure the investment made would reflect in a measurable return.